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Special designs loved by little ones

It started with a special poster for a god son.
Then one for our own little boy.
And, one by one our friends’ kids got them.
Each new poster beautiful and personal. Something both the parent and child could enjoy, and something that would outlast the next growth spurt.
With each new print we heard how the baby loved pointing, waving and smiling at it. And it wasn’t long before friends asked us for posters for their own friends.
And so Valabi was born.
Collections of personal and customisable prints. No cliché baby motifs, only beautifully fun designs that make a nursery or kids room feel that little bit more special. Our name is inspired by the wallaby, a cute mammal that makes a home for their little ones in its pouch. This personal homemaking is what Valabi design is all about.  
Created by parents,
Charlotte and Marek Birchley


Cute Design

All our designs are things we'd want our son Elliot and his friends to have in their rooms. We conceptualise and collaborate with talented illustrators from around the world. 

For a good cause!

For the last 5 years we’ve worked on building the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation and it's paediatric brain cancer projects. Inspired by the work the foundation continues to do, we’re donating €1 of every sale to the foundation.